Guess Who

Everyone writes 3 or 5 little known things about themselves on a card with their name at the top of the card and gives them to the M.C. Each person in the group will need another piece of paper to write their guesses on. The piece of paper should be numbered down one side equal to the number of people in the group. The M.C. reads out the first card saying: “person one is…” and reads out the description. After time has been given for people to write their guess, the M.C. then reads out the following card “person two is…” and so on till all the cards have been read out. Who ever guesses the most right is the winner.

People Pictionary

Split the group into 2 teams, A and B. Everyone has to write down some things about themselves and what they like on a card that can be used as clues in a game of Pictionary (eg. For Mike –  a motorbike, drums etc.). The leader of the game then calls up the first delegated drawer from each team and shows them a card from a person on the opposite team, they go back and try to draw the clues on a piece of paper so their team can guess who it is. When the team has guessed, another drawer runs up to the game leader to grab another card from the opposite team and so on until the team to guess all their cards first is the winner. It will be important for the cards to have a name on them so the drawer will know if their team’s guess is the right answer.

Hot Chocolate

Get together the four ingredients you need to make hot chocolate ie. Mugs, spoons, packet of hot chocolate mix, and marshmallows (make sure you provide hot water and milk). Divide everybody into four even groups. Give each group only one hot chocolate ingredient and enough for each person in the group to have 4 each. Group 1: each person is given 4 mugs. Group 2: each person is given 4 spoons. Group 3: each person is given 4 marshmallows. Group 4: each person is given 4 packets of hot chocolate mix.

Once all the ingredients are handed out, get everybody to form new groups that have all the hot chocolate ingredients. There should now be newly formed groups of 4 people which now have enough hot chocolate ingredients to make one cup of hot chocolate for each person in the group. When each group has made their hot chocolates ask them to sit down and give a sharing question for them to discuss.

Variations of this mixer could be: Banana splits (bowls, bananas, chocolate toping, ice cream), spiders (glasses, ice cream, soft drink, spoon/straws), Milo (glasses, Milo, spoons, milk), the list goes on and on…

Note: Allow at least 25 minutes for this mixer.


Each person in the group is given an appointment card – that is: a card which has space for 3 names on separate lines (with 1 extra line underneath each name) and 3-4 sharing questions at the bottom or reverse side of the card. Give everybody time to go and make an appointment with someone else in the group.

Make it very clear that appointments are with each other (ie. if person x makes an appointment with person y, then person y also makes an appointment with person x).

Allow about 10 seconds for each appointment to be made and then have everybody sit down (or you may want to sing a song or do something else). Then when you’re ready say “it’s now time for your first appointment!”. Everyone in the group goes to their first appointment and asks the other person the 3-4 sharing questions written on the appointment card. Allow about 2-3 minutes for each appointment and then finish the mixer by asking some in the group to share who the met and the answers to the questions.

Secret self-portrait

Each person in the group is given a piece of A4 paper and a pen or pencil. Each person draws their own self portrait without showing anyone else their drawing, and adds one unknown fact about themselves. The activity leader collects the portraits and then randomly redistributes the unnamed portraits to the group (if anyone gets their own they should choose again). Everyone in the group then tries to find who the self portrait belongs to. A name is placed on the portrait once the subject of the portrait has successfully been found, and then put up on the wall.

Secret portrait

The group sits in a circle. Write everybody’s name on a piece of paper and place the names in a hat or bowl. Give each person a piece of A4 paper and a pen or pencil. Each person draws a name from the hat or bowl – they are not to tell anyone whose name. When everyone has a name, they draw the face of that person without anyone knowing who they are drawing. When every one has finished drawing, the activity leader collects the portraits and shows them to the group one at a time while the group tries to guess who the subject of the portrait is and who drew it.

Portrait Bingo

Give each person a ‘Bingo sheet’ – a piece of paper with a 6 squares big enough to draw a small portrait. Write a question for each square. The goal of the game is to find someone who can answer the question or statement in the box (eg. Someone who went to the beach in the holidays, someone in year 7, someone who has a dog etc). when you’ve found someone who fulfils the category, you draw their portrait in the square provided, then move onto another person. You can’t have the same person again on your bingo sheet.

Download a portrait bingo sheet here.