Guess Who? Bible Characters

guess_who_bible_characters_sampleThis game is based on the board game “Guess Who?”. Split into teams (you will need a complete set of cards for each team, so only have as many teams as you have sets of cards), the smaller the teams the better. Each team starts the game with a set of 50 Bible character cards (download cards here) that they arrange face up in front of them. The game starts with the game organiser selecting a card of their choice from a separate complete pile of cards. The object of the game is to be the first to determine which card the game organiser has selected. Teams take turns asking a yes or no question to eliminate candidates, such as “Is this person in the OT?”. Well-crafted questions allow players to eliminate one or more possible cards. Teams should just turn over the cards which are eliminated. Questions need to be asked to the game organiser without the other groups hearing their question (otherwise they would gain an unfair advantage). Each team is only allowed one guess, which is an incentive to play the game the game through without just making random guesses each round… When the character has been guessed, give a short description of who this person was, what they did, and how they are significant in the salvation story of the bible. Here is a good website to get factual biblical information:

Who am I?

Very similar game to “Who’s bin?” but without the props…

Choose names from the bible (be sure to use the more well known names). Prepare 12 clues for each of the Bible characters. Start with harder clues and then get easier until you finally reveal the Bible character. Play this game in rounds, with one bible character per round. Split everybody into groups and read out the clues pausing after each clue in order to give the groups a chance to guess. Once a group has made their guess, that’s it for the round. Have a range of prizes to give out depending on how many clues were read out before the character was guessed.

Bible Secret Sounds

This activity takes a bit of preparation!

This works much like “Who am I?” except the clues are given as sounds, and you use Bible stories instead of characters. Choose a Bible story. Prepare about 12 audio clues (starting with harder clues and getting easier). Split everybody into groups and play the audio clues pausing after each clue in order to give the groups a chance to guess. Once a group has made their guess, that’s it for the game. Have a range of prizes to give out depending on how many clues were heard before the Bible story was guessed.

Bible Charades/Pictionary

Just like the game charades or pictionary. Divide the group into teams. Make list of about 10 scenes, things, or people from the Bible. Each team nominates one person to go up first and be told the first item on the list. They return to their group to act out or draw the Bible scene, thing, or person that was given. When someone guesses what it is, that person then goes back to the leader running the game and gets the next item off the list. The process repeats until all the listed items have been guessed. The team that finishes the list first is the winner.

Variation: Can also be done with playdoe – sculptionary.

Protect the truth (poison ball)

This game is a variation of  poison ball. Using masking tape, chalk, or rope, mark out an court to play poison ball (the court should be rectangle and divided into 3 equal thirds). Divide the group into 2 teams. Team ‘A’ will stand in the middle section of the poison ball court and the team ‘B’ will stand each side. Like regular poison ball, team ‘B’ needs to eliminate team ‘A’ by throwing a ball and hitting each member below the knee. The added twist to this is that one member on team ‘A’ is given a Bible and given the title: “the truth”. Team ‘A’ needs to protect the truth at all costs. If “the truth” gets hit below the knee by the ball, not only are they out, but the whole team  is out. The game goes for 3 minutes, and if team ‘A’ is able to protect “the truth” for the duration of the game, they win. Play this game as many times as you like and swap the roles of the different teams and who plays “the truth” each time.

Note: This activity requires a durable environment and lots of space.

Draw your swords

The aim of this game is to help everyone navigate their way around the Bible better. Give every person in the group a Bible to tuck under one arm. Call out a Bible passage to the group (eg. Jeremiah 31:31) and the first person to open their Bible, find the passage and read it out is the winner. Repeat again until satisfied.

Bible Skit

Split into 2 groups and make a skit on the Bible teaching passage. Give each group about 5-10 minutes to work out a 2 minute skit and then perform it in front of the whole group. This will really only work with narrative parts of the Bible.

Note: This activity requires at least 20 mins.